By Michael J Ssali

A study report launched final 7 days by Heifer Intercontinental, a world-wide organisation that works with local communities to strengthen their economies and make secure livelihoods, has disclosed that African farmers are not benefitting from Agri-Tech Innovations that could encourage agricultural manufacturing and improve prospects for the youths.

The study which got responses from about 30,000 folks from eleven international locations, together with Uganda, has disclosed that only 23 for each cent of youth engaged in agriculture are working with any kind of agricultural technology—noting a lack of financing and training. Ironically the examine details out that Africa has a budding crop of young Africans quickly generating new large-tech farming applications but they are not related with farmers.

The report details to the will need for new investments to stimulate obtain to innovations that could stimulate African youth now turning away from agriculture to reconsider alternatives in the sector—especially given the need to have to make jobs and repair food devices battered by the Covid-19 pandemic. The review even further offers an insight on the influence of the pandemic on African agribusinesses some of which experienced to close down for some months thanks to lockdowns.

“As a continent with a thriving young population, Africa’s agricultural sector ought to provide the investments in agritech improvements that will persuade youth to embrace agriculture-associated endeavours, simply because they are the important to revitalizing Africa’s food program,” stated Adesuwa Ifedi, senior vice president for Africa Systems at Heifer Intercontinental. “But as this report reveals, Africa is not providing the financing or training to be certain its younger people have easy access to the very same agritech tools—like drone technologies, precision soil sensors and electronic farmer services—that are transforming foods production around the entire world.”

Your columnist has often pointed out that Uganda whose scientists underneath Countrywide Agricultural Analysis Organisation (NARO) have come up with a lot of biotechnological remedies to the problems that are hampering and minimizing crop output is denying her farmers the possibility to develop the enhanced crop types that are not only superior yielding but can face up to damaging pests and tolerate pure hazards these as drought. Our leaders ought to be termed upon to connect much more worth to science in farming.

Mr Michael Ssali is a veteran journalist,


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