Farm tractors are distinct, multi-purpose vehicle used in the farm. It is considered the most important farm machinery. They are utilized in tandem with diversity of farm machineries to perform different farming tasks. These tasks include plowing, tilling, and shoveling, harrowing, planting, hauling, lifting, pushing, transporting and giving power supply.

Early farm tractors were produced last nineteenth century. The first farm tractors were powered by steam portable engine and also grip engine vehicles. The next tractors were oil-burning and then followed by tractors that are powered by gasoline. After 1920, tractors that were powered by gasoline and internal ignition engines became the model tractors.

Original farm tractors contained distance frontage steering wheel with hard front axle. After this type, another type of tractors appeared, they were the tricycle form, which has a single frontage wheel or dual front wheels. The tricycle type tractors were famous for their brilliant red tricycle design of the machines. The designs were the trend since 1930 up to 1970.

Four-wheeled tractors were simpler and safer to operate. They were more suitable to the necessities of mechanical farming. Four-wheel tractors have two big driving wheels and also two maneuver able wheels. The moving helms are on the pivot and the maneuver able wheels can be found under the engine section. The steering wheels and the seat are located at the middle of the 4 wheels, normally within the enclosed moving cab.

Current tractors can have 8 wheel drive components, caterpillar trails or tracks that are articulated or non-articulated. They might have computer or electrical controls and they are they are able to perform a multitude of diverse functions. Several new farm tractors have GPS devices, automatic steer structure and other mechanical features.

Diverse types of tractors were developed for dissimilar farming necessities. These include wheat land, high crop, row crop and service tractors. Farm tractors appear in diverse sizes which range from small types to biog ones.

The high and row crop farm tractors contain changeable treads which permit careful navigation throughout the crop rows. These tractors can be able to pass throughout the rows of tomatoes, wheat, corn or other products without destroying the plants. High crop varieties have improved ground clearance and they are suitable for farm job with high crops.

Farm tractors intended for wheat land are utilized for intense field works on broad tracts of agricultural land. The service tractors are generally smaller, all purpose vehicles. These tractors may be utilized for non-farming actions such as gardening, excavation and landscaping. These kinds of service tractors are fixed with grass tires which are softer compared to regular farming tires.

Farm equipments and tools are normally hitched or connected to the rear end of tractors. The hitching scheme can be two-point hitch or may be three-point hitch. The three-point hitch scheme is the typical feature in majority of modern tractors.

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