How to Get Backlinks for a New Site with No Money

Backlink, in simple terms, means websites that link to your site. Most search engines consider backlinks as a supreme factor when it comes to website ranking in search results. As the traffic depends on the quality of content and authoritative backlinks in the website, the traffic would be organic. The more authoritative websites link to you, the better traffic and rankings your website would gain.

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You should keep an eye on the search engine rankings as they would look at the quality of backlinks to identify how the pages are connected. There are various ranking factors but backlinks are the most important metric for SEO. High-quality backlinks that belong to your stream might be tough to get. However, have a look at some of the best ways you could earn backlinks for the website.

Broken Link Building Method: The broken link-building method works well as it could easily create one-way backlinks. This technique would involve reaching out to a webmaster and reporting the broken links on their website. You could recommend other websites to replace that link or you could mention your website. As you are doing the webmaster a favour by informing them about the broken links, they might consider the chances of a backlink.

Gaining Backlinks with the help of Infographics: Infographics can be the best way to divert traffic to the website. It also helps in gaining high-quality backlinks. Infographics can be good as it is easy to share and understand. However, make sure that you choose the infographics carefully. It should include interesting and unique information for your audience. You could select from the trending topics related to your stream and then make infographics regarding the same.

Guest Posts do Wonders: Guest blogging is one of the effective ways you could implement to reach a new audience. When you publish articles on popular websites, you get the content in front of new readers and gain more exposure. Rather than the backlink, you could increase the online exposure of the brand and increase social media followers. Guest blogging helps in boosting relationships and expanding the audience. However, if you have doubts regarding guest posting, you would be glad to know that almost all search engines accept this practice.

By Keeping Track of Your Competitors: If you are looking for more organic traffic, keep a track of your competitors and stay up-to-date with online marketing strategies. You could check out the social media of the competitors and look for their link building techniques and content marketing methods. You could set alerts on when the competitors get their content published on the websites. You could also identify the backlinks used by the competitors and how they earn or build them.

Internal Link Building is Important: Internal links can be an important factor to run a successful and good blog. They pass on the link juice and you could use the anchor texts. If there is a good internal linking structure, the users could get help in going through the website easily and increase the user experience. You could also make use of the tools that can create internal links automatically on the blog or website.

Content Promotion: Good content couldn’t help in fetching backlinks unless the methods used for promotion are right. You will have to explore the options and try out email outreach to promote the articles. One of the best strategies to do so is by reaching out to websites or bloggers and running a weekly or monthly analysis. You could reach out to the webmasters and give a quick introduction to the website. With the message, send a link to the best tutorials or guides. If it is found as resourceful, they might link back to you. The bloggers and websites might be looking for fresh content and would want to hear from webmasters with good content. However, you should make sure that a good relationship is not misused with any webmaster by asking for the link directly.

Testimonial Writing: Earning quality backlinks becomes an easier job when you are ready to write testimonials for websites. Spend some time and earn a link from the home page of the authoritative site. As long as you use the product or service of that brand, you could get a link in exchange for a testimonial.

Reach out to Important Bloggers & Journalists: To gain links, you could spread the word about the business. One of the good ways to do so is through email outreach to influencers and journalists who belong to your niche. Searching for an email address can be a challenging and tough task but it cannot be impossible.

Donations could Help: You could earn good backlinks by donating to non-profit organisations. This method could be straightforward and quick. You have to find websites that belong to your niche which accepts donations and link back to the websites. You could submit the amount of donation you wish to make and enter your website URL. However, make sure that you do thorough research before you donate.

Schedule Interviews: Online interviews could fetch a lot of results. It can be an easy and good way to earn backlinks to the website. Once you become the authority to the niche, you might get various interview invitations. However, you should be prepared to start with interviews. Search for websites that run interviews and show the interest to participate and see what you might be able to contribute.

 Earning good backlinks could be a challenging task. However, you could easily find various opportunities by making use of the right methods and resources. You should always remember that keeping the backlinks could be very important like building them. Hence, keep a track of the backlinks gained by your website with the help of various tools that could help you out in the process.