When you start to install this utility, you have the option to use the full Pro version for 15 days, after this it will revert to the Lite version.

Also on the installation window there is the option to participate in the Community Intelligence Network. This is optional and is explained on the install window.

The installation adds a BHO (Browser Helper Object) which is necessary for the program to function.

After installation it is necessary to reboot your computer.

The Pro version gives you Websearch results inspection, On-demand url scanning, Always-on exploit blocking, Internet connectivity monitor and Real-time site risk analysis. The Lite version will give you Websearch results inspection and On-demand url scanning.

This program analyzes sites in real time to detect a wide range of online threats including malicious content, phishing, social engineering and targeted software exploits.

You have the Link Scanner Console which resides in the Taskbar, simply right click the icon and you can open the Console.

Enter a URL, checkmark the ‘Automatically advance to the page if it is Safe’ and scan.

Exploit Prevention Labs say that LinkScanner Lite and LinkScanner Pro scan individual pages in real time, knowing that malicious hackers can hop from site to site, temporarily infecting them.

LinkScanner integrates with Google, Yahoo and MSN to check the search results and can warn you of exploits, hacked pages, malicious sites and phishing/fraud scams.

Enter a search term into a search engine and the results displayed will have symbols beside them.

Hold your cursor over the icons and a description will appear, click the icon and you will be taken to a definition page giving further information about the site and the reason for the rating.

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