There is a website that goes by the name water4gas, this website claims that they have the technology you can use to run your car on water by using fuel as water. It’s a do-it-yourself technology which you can apply on your car in order to run your car on water and save gas. By using this type of technology you will also receive IRS refunds because it’s a green technology similar to hybrid cars and it reduces carbon emission which causes global warming. This works with a device which will be able to extract a little electricity from your car or truck battery and separate water to form a gas called HHO (which means 2 hydrogen atom and 1 oxygen atom) The end product is water.

Pros of Using Water4Gas Technology

When you use this technology you are assured that your engine will last longer including your pistons, rings, valves and bearings.

The way your car works will improve. For example, a guy named Carter Blankenship from San Diego whom is using this technology was able to drive his truck uphill much better than before.

It will be able to improve you car mileage. Some of the increases in mileage from cars using water4gas technology are 107% on Toyota Corolla, 285% on a Chery 4WD pickup and 56% increase on a Ford truck.

It also prevents global warming. It prevents future carbon build up by removing carbon deposits in your car that causes emission of gases that pollute our environment.

How Water4Gas Technology Work?

You will keep a container size of 950cc somewhere in your vehicle, fill it up with distilled water and some baking soda. This device will extract vacuum and 12 volts of electricity from your battery to produce HHO gas. It works on most cars and so don’t border about damaging your car with this technology.

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