You might experience one day that you are encountering error message such as “Page Cannot Be Displayed” or “Cannot Find Server” on your Internet Explorer, and can no longer surf the internet. This can be frustrating for most users. You will notice your internet connection indicates that you are connected but no internet access, or limited or no connectivity.

Internet Explorer is the most popular browser many users like using. Having two or more internet browsers will give you an alternative if one browser is corrupted. There are numerous possible causes for this error and it will take time identifying its roots.


1. Check modem and router’s physical connection. Check if the modem is properly connected to the line. Be sure that the power and DSL/Link lights on the modem is just not blinking. Be sure the Wireless light on when using the wireless connection. If case anyone are using a LAN cable, besure that the light wherein the cable is plugged is also on.

2. Check other computers. Within case the other computer cannot connect to the internet, then the problem ought to be within the modem or within the router.

3. Power Pattern. To check router too as modem’s connectivity, power cycling might be ready to recover its configuration from its unresponsive state. Too as for anyone to conduct it, turn off just about every single thing having the laptop, then unplug from the wall outlet. After 3 minutes, plug the modem too as turn it on. Hang on for the DSL light to be steady before anyone turn on the Router. Turn on the laptop if the router’s light is normal. If still cannot connect to the internet, continue having the next step.

4. Resetting the browser to default settings. Open Internet properties by typing Internet Options on Start Search or Search programs too as files for Windows 7.

5. Try different browsers Try the other internet browser installed within your computer.

– If you will be able to successfully browse the internet, it is definitely the internet explorer’s problem. Common cause of Internet Explorer problems are updates too as third party add-ons.

– However, if it still does not operate, there may regarded as a different problem.

6. Try different application that has internet access. Anyone may also try using the instant messaging for anyone to determine if the problem is within Internet Exploer only.

7. Check IP configuration. Go to command prompt too as type ipconfig then press enter. Search for the IP take on. If the ipv4 appears to be, that is an invalid IP take on.

8. Releasing and renewing IP residence address. Type ipconfig /release (within the command prompt), and then press enter. Too as then, type ipconfig /renew too as press enter. Retry the connection after finalizing the command prompt.

9. Resetting winsock. On the same command prompt type netsh winsock reset, too as then press enter. Anyone may at this moment restart your computer. If it is still unsuccessful, go to the next move.

10. Changing or disabling WEP or WPA security significant. Common cause of getting invalid IP take on is mismatched encryption (WEP or WPA) between the computer too as the router.

11. Uninstalling wireless adapter. Try uninstalling too as reinstalling it to be sure of the functionality of the community interface card.

12. Disabling startup applications or log on to safe mode. Our last resort will be to disable everything startup items by typing msconfig on Start Search or in the Search programs and files. Click disable everything from the Startup tab. Restart your computer at this moment. If there still a problem, restart the computer to safe mode. To conduct this specific, turn it off, restart it too as press F8 upon the boot up program. Choose safemode having networking under the Advance Options menu.

Technical knowledge is needed when it comes to troubleshooting internet connection. It may bring with regards to confusion on who anyone will e mail or call first – ISP, router manufacturer or technical boost hotline. This specific may also be caused by security software and/or a spyware. Too as sometimes, these boost persons anyone may hold called might be ready to only supply anyone limited guide.

For anyone to solve this specific kind of internet problem, anyone should call the perfect technical promote that will supply anyone comprehensive troubleshooting.

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