What to Look for in a Smart Home Security System — SquareTrade Blog

A living space is more than just décor, gadgets and furniture. Your home contains nearly all of your most prized possessions; it is a place where you feel safe when it comes to both your belongings and your life. Homeowners go to great extents to ensure that every part of their home is well-protected against any threats, deliberate or accidental. This is why one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner is getting a home security system.

Through sources such as FirstEnergy.com, homeowners can easily purchase the best smart security gadgets for their home; but what if there was a service which saved you the trouble of having to individually pick out each gadget? A home security system is a thorough system designed to ensure the safety of each part of your home. It is a reliable and convenient option for all homeowners, especially those with larger homes.

The following are a few particular features which you can look for in a home security system for the best experience.

Professional Monitoring

The purpose of a home security system is to create an impenetrable boundary around your home, so that no unwanted visitors can step inside unless it is authorized directly by the homeowner. However, if the homeowner has to monitor this activity manually, it cannot be done 24/7. People have jobs, house chores and sleep through the night. If the homeowner has to watch their home constantly, it somewhat defeats the purpose of a home security system – fortunately, there is a solution.

A professionally monitored security system will let you go about your day, and notify you whenever something noteworthy happens. Any visitors, potentially suspicious activity or detected motions will be visible to you through the corresponding smartphone app, which means you no longer have to worry about your home being vulnerable at certain points during the day.


Customer reviews can tell you a lot about the service you may be considering for your home. There is no critic better than people who have already experienced the service you want to invest in, which is why looking through reviews is an essential part of the process when choosing a security system. The main thing to remember is that not all sources for reviews are completely authentic. Only trust reviews through authorized platforms for an honest, unfiltered review.

Audio and Video Capabilities

The reason homeowners choose to get a full home security system is due to how thorough it is. If the system lacks any main features, you may want to reconsider your purchase. The monitoring gadgets in the system must have both audio and video capabilities for maximum reliability. Not being able to hear or see any part of your home leaves an opening for potential intruders, which is what this system is meant to prevent in the first place.

If the security cameras do not have both features, make sure the entrances are perfectly secure. Your smart lock or doorbell should allow you to both see and verbally communicate with any visitors, since this can strengthen your sense of security and give you complete authority over who has access to your home. 

Motion Sensors

Sensors are one of the most important components of any smart home. Motion sensors are one of the main sensors used in a smart home, and it cannot function without them, since they are a part of most smart gadgets. Motion sensors are used on their own, as well as paired with other gadgets to enhance their functioning and make them more efficient. From lights to thermostats, motion sensors can be found in most gadgets to make them even more thorough. 

One of the best things about this sensor is that it can be installed anywhere discretely, so you can monitor activity around your home without anyone finding out. This is an excellent way to catch any potential intruders sneaking around. The strategic installment of motion sensors can make them impossible for strangers to detect, which makes them the perfect smart security gadget. Any home security system would be incomplete without a decent number of motion sensors.

Remote Access

Your home security system will protect your home against all kinds of threats regardless of your presence inside it. You can go to work and leave your home to this system, relying on it completely; but what if you want to keep an eye on things from time to time? Part of a smart security system is a feature which lets you monitor it from almost any location.

There may be slight differences in the amount of access you have depending on the type of system, but every home security system allows homeowners to check in on their home from anywhere from time to time. You can now go about your day, even when you leave your home, and rest assured that your security system will keep you updated on the status of your home’s security.

A Perfectly Secure Home

Strategic home security is somewhat tricky to accomplish as an individual. Especially those homeowners who have little to no experience may find it difficult to properly secure their home. You can either use smart gadgets, or manually take precautions to minimize threats to your home; however, this may leave you with uncertainty regarding the security status of your home. A home security system takes this worry away by allowing you to simultaneously monitor nearly every part of your home, relieving you of a lot of unnecessary stress.