While there are many brands and models of Wire EDM machines available today, the three most prominent manufacturers are Elox, Japax, and Mitsubishi.

While each of these companies manufacture similar products, there will always be some varying features such as the User-interface with the CNC controller, the numbers of wires, be it a 4-axis or 5-axis Wire EDM machine, type of electrical current (AC vs. DC), and the gauges of wires that can be used. Another very big difference will be the size of the tank in which the manufacturing is accomplished.

Some examples of specifications for one model from each of these companies are:

Elox Fanuc Model M – (the Fanuc indicating the type of CNC controller that is a component of the Elox Wire EDM) has an X-axis path of 20″, a Y-axis path of 14″, and a Z-axis path of 10″

Japax Wire EDM Model LDM-S – has a Y-axis path 13.8″ and capable of machining a work piece with the measurements of 15.7″ x 19.7″ x 5.9″ and a table that moves 7.9″ x 13.8″

Mitsubishi Wire EDM Model DWC 110 H-1 – has an X-axis of 12″, a Y-axis of 18″, and a Z-axis of 10″

Each of these models only represents one of many different models offered by their respective manufacturer. Variations will be observed from model to model with some differences including the distance that each axis wire can travel, the size of product that can be manufactured and the CNC controller.

When selecting a wire EDM machine, one must take into consideration the product that will be manufactured, the degrees of tolerance and variances that are allowed, how detailed the cut will be, and not least importantly, the funds available for purchasing the wire EDM.

While Elox, Japax and Mitsubishi are three prominent manufacturers of wire EDM machines, remember that there are also other manufactures of wire EDM machines.

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